The Nu Niles – Nu Begining

The Nu Niles and listing to their music
The Nu Niles began their musical journey together in 1996 and haven’t stopped making music. Music and the clarity of music, whether that be Tape, CD, or Vintage vinyl is important to us and it brings the music alive. We would recommend the audio technica at lp120 usb turntable  as this is a wonderful machine. This can only be accomplished by listening to records for example in the way we intended the music to come across. When buying a record player use this guide and  to play our music and it will come across in the  way we intended.


They started their profession as a band of Rockabilly in its purest sense, when that fashion appeared to be towards any musical motion and probably be extra underground fashion of the second. Presently the soul of the band incorporates components like Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Surf , Punk , Ska , Tex-Mex or Spaghetti Western accomplishing a singular and attribute sound. The group is molded by Mario Cobo on guitar and vocals, Ivan Kovacevic on double bass and on drums Blas Picon.
lots of European tours, two on the West Coast of the USA, and having played to some of the most festivals Rockabilly / Rock’n’Roll world as Viva Las Vegas (USA ’02), Greenbay (USA ’03 and ‘ 05) Hemsby (UK ’98 & ’01), Summer time jamboree (Italy ’04), Psychomeeting (’05) or the Hollywood Showdown (CA-USA ’05 / 07) amongst others. The Nu Niles have a stable fan base and their newest album was produced by the one and only Mike Mariconda (The Satan Puppies, The Stepbrothers and Raunch Palms etc. etc.